Fine Art Photography of Elena Zhurikhina Photographer
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Elena Zhurikhina is a photographer from Moscow, Russia. She is a member of the Union of Pictorialists of Russia.

She has worked with well-known international and Russian editions.

Some of her artwork are stored in private collections.

She took part in many international and Russian exhibitions.

The year 2002 was her "coming out", and was very successful for her. In May and June she took part in four organized exhibitions in Moscow, Russia. From June through October, she had a personal showing, called Woman's View, at the Photovision Photo Club in Moscow. In November, she took part in an international exhibition, the Salone Athesis - Internet Digital Photo 2002 in Padova (FIAF medal), Italy.

In 2003, she took part in five international exhibitions; in May, the Digital Master Circuit 2003 and in June, the 7nd VOAV-Salon for Digital Imaging 2003 (FIAP Honorable Mention), both in Vienna, Austria; in May, the 2nd Suncoast Virtual in Clearwater, Florida; in November, the Salone Athesis Internet Digital Photo 2003, in Padova, Italy; in July-August the series Fourth dimension, made with multi exposure technique, was exhibited in several cities of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug during the international exhibition Siberian Biennale. Also, in November, the personal exhibition Time took place in the Galerie Arhoram in France .

In 2004, she took part in three international exhibitions; in October, the 5nd International Digital Imaging Competition 2004 in Germany (Diploma of DVF); in October, the Foto Club Buenos Aires 2004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina; in November, the FotoMladih - YouthPhoto 2004 in Ljubljuna, Slovenia. Also, the series Sellers of a Holiday took part in the Moscow competition Silver Camera 2003 in the Faces Nomination

In 2005, she took part in six international exhibitions; in May, the Digital Master Circuit 2005 in Vienna, Austria; in May, the 4th Suncoast Virtual Salon in Palm Harbor, USA; in June, the 6eme Europa Cup 2005 in Antony, France; in July, the 9nd VOAV-Salon for digital iMAGING 2005 in Vienna (FIAP Honorable Mention), Austria; in September, the HypeGallery in Arles, France, and in November, the Salone Athesis Internet Digital Photo 2005 in Padova (FIAP Honorable Mention), Italy.

In 2007, she took part in two international exhibitions; in November and December, the II Salon Internacional de Fotografia Digital Illes Balears in Palma de Mallorca, Spain; in December, the Premio Citta' Del Santo Internet Digital Photo 2007 in Padova, Italy. Also, the series Curling and Path took part in the Moscow competition Silver Camera 2006 in the Events and Every Day Life Nominations.

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